I am flattered and so happy you're considering time with me!  Please fill in my contact form with your complete real information!  (Forms with blank fields will be deleted without the courtesy of an email to you!  As a national provider, inquiries come in thick and fast and I do all of my own communications, so I cannot afford to waste time on people who do not appreciate or value my time!)   This is important, as I will decline meeting with anyone I feel is being untruthful, or attempting to hide their identity from me.  

If you've made it to this page, you already know a lot about me, so please return the favor, and tell me a little about you.  Please refrain from discussing service related information.  Remember, you may feel comfortable with me after reading my site, and following me on Social Media, but you are still a virtual stranger to me!  If we agree to spend time together there will be plenty of time to discuss what our time should consist of AFTER I have verified you for my safety and comfort.  Which brings me to my next topic:  Verification!

Verification can be completed with references which is a vouch from another provider that states she spent  private time with you behind closed doors.   This DOES NOT include a public "getting to know you" meeting such as coffee or dinner only dates!   She simply vouches that you were appropriate, respectful, treated her with kindness, paid for your time correctly, arrived and departed on time and exhibited your best behavior during the time you spent with her during private time!

If you do not have references and are new to professional dating, you can expect that I will want to verify you in another manner which may include verifying your profession.  I treat your personal information with the utmost discretion and respect, and destroy it after I have verified you.  This profession can be dangerous, and I verify to ensure I do not run into would be rapists, robbers, or federal and local authorities. I verify everyone to ensure the safety of every client coming to meet with me.  You do not want to be the next one through my doors if I have been compromised, so really, verification is for BOTH OF US! 

There are a few professional verification sites that will work verify you, if you are uncomfortable providing your information to me.  Just bear in mind it will cost you $$ to become a verified member on their site.  Here are a couple of good sites to use if you wish to be verified professionally:

I am also a member in good standing on The Erotic Review and I accept and provide references for anyone coming to visit with me for a period of one year.