Texting Me Is Never An Option.…

We live in an amazing and miraculous time with technology always growing by leaps and bounds.  But have you considered the ramifications of using technology for communication in this business?  Allow me to provide a few details on why texting with an escort is never a good idea:

1.  I do not know what you have going on in your life or who has access to your phone, and vice versa.  Let's say you are attached or married and I text you when your with your SO.  How do you explain an odd text coming in  after working hours?  Or, your phone is unattended and your SO decides to be helpful and bring your phone to you and sees the text messages?  What if your with your boss?  

2.  One of us loses or gets our phone confiscated by law enforcement.  There is now a written record of all of our communication by text messages.  That my friend, is called evidence, and they have plenty of it if you've been so indiscreet as to text inquiring about specific services you may be looking for.  NOTHING is ever really erased off the hard drive of your phone, everything, all the dirty "secrets" can be retrieved.

3.  What if the provider you are texting with works with a "manager" and he is really who your communicating with and not the provider?  I'm guessing you would feel pretty silly texting all your secret fantasies to some random guy!  

While texting is convenient, it is far from discreet.  Please refrain from texting me.