As of January 1, 2018

As of January 1, 2018 I will no longer be visiting with clients in Grand Rapids, MI I have not verified and seen in the past 15 years.  What does this mean?  It means that if you have had an interest in a visit with me, you will want to make a plan soon before your window of opportunity closes.  After January, clients I have seen before will be able to continue visiting with me, but if it has been some time since we have gotten together, you will need to provide a memory jogger of our time together to ensure that I can recall who you are.  THIS ONLY APPLIES TO MY ESCORTING BIZ IN GR!  I will continue to see "new" people when I tour outside of GR and I will continue to see new submissives WITH PROPER VERIFICATION.  

Thank You In Advance For Your Understanding!