As of January 1, 2018

As of January 1, 2018 I will no longer be visiting with clients in Grand Rapids, MI I have not verified and seen in the past 15 years.  What does this mean?  It means that if you have had an interest in a visit with me, you will want to make a plan soon before your window of opportunity closes.  After January, clients I have seen before will be able to continue visiting with me, but if it has been some time since we have gotten together, you will need to provide a memory jogger of our time together to ensure that I can recall who you are.  THIS ONLY APPLIES TO MY ESCORTING BIZ IN GR!  I will continue to see "new" people when I tour outside of GR and I will continue to see new submissives WITH PROPER VERIFICATION.  

Thank You In Advance For Your Understanding!



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Texting Me Is Never An Option.…

We live in an amazing and miraculous time with technology always growing by leaps and bounds.  But have you considered the ramifications of using technology for communication in this business?  Allow me to provide a few details on why texting with an escort is never a good idea:

1.  I do not know what you have going on in your life or who has access to your phone, and vice versa.  Let's say you are attached or married and I text you when your with your SO.  How do you explain an odd text coming in  after working hours?  Or, your phone is unattended and your SO decides to be helpful and bring your phone to you and sees the text messages?  What if your with your boss?  

2.  One of us loses or gets our phone confiscated by law enforcement.  There is now a written record of all of our communication by text messages.  That my friend, is called evidence, and they have plenty of it if you've been so indiscreet as to text inquiring about specific services you may be looking for.  NOTHING is ever really erased off the hard drive of your phone, everything, all the dirty "secrets" can be retrieved.

3.  What if the provider you are texting with works with a "manager" and he is really who your communicating with and not the provider?  I'm guessing you would feel pretty silly texting all your secret fantasies to some random guy!  

While texting is convenient, it is far from discreet.  Please refrain from texting me.



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Hints and Tips For Clients

  • Make your first contact memorable. Be concise, honest, friendly and open. If you just want info (shopping?) be honest. If you want to schedule an appointment, suggest best time for you (don't say "How about some time next week?") Mention fee if you don't already know, but don't ask specific questions about it. Don't be graphic or speak about specific  services-EVER.
  • Tell her about yourself. Tell her where you heard about her. Don't waste her time--she gets plenty of inquiries, make yours stand out. Use her preferred method of contact and be aware that she has a life outside of working hours the same way you, so your initial contact with her should be whatever method she prefers.  Just as you wouldn't want to be placed in a position with a phone call from her during your family time, or in front of your boss at work, she will desire discretion as well.  Don't flood her with calls, emails, or text messages.  Give her some time to answer, usually 24-48 hrs works well.  She is probably busy with other clients, and if she is independant she doesn't have a secretary helping her with her correspondence.  At this stage, don't do anything that will raise red flags that would make her believe your unstable or obsessive.  This business can be dangerous for her, so don't make her feek threatened with inappropriate questions, or excessive contact.  Talking on the phone or via e-mail gives you a great idea what she's going to be like in person. If she's friendly and nice, she will be friendly and nice in person. Its also your chance to start building her perception of you. Be respectful. These girls are PEOPLE. Treat them like you would a girlfriend or lover and they will respond positively. It
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